willowy helps hiring managers organize and schedule take-home interviews

It's free! No credit card required.

Due dates & time limits

Add a time limit to each interview assignment and a due date for each candidate to make sure they are meeting your expectations.

Assessment pages

Split your assessment into multiple pages to allow for both timed and untimed portions of the test.

Skip the scheduling

Candidates automatically receive email instructions and can start their take-home interview assignment when it suits them. There's no need to email back-and-forth to find a suitable time in advance.

Notifications and test reviews

Automatically receive an email notification when the candidate has completed their assessment.

Interview candidates in bulk

Setup a day, week, or month worth of candidates at once. Optionally schedule their test start times and review the results as they are completed.

Easily share results

Share the interview submissions with hiring managers, team leads, or any other relevant parties with the click of a button.